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At CFO+CO, our primary service for individuals is the preparation of annual tax returns. We specialize in handling complex cases, but we also cater to the simplest tax situations. Our team of experts is well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of the tax code, ensuring accurate and compliant tax returns. Whether your tax situation is straightforward or complex, you can rely on us to provide meticulous attention to detail and expert guidance to ensure your tax returns are prepared with utmost precision.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our values. Prior to commencing work on your file, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your specific circumstances and provide you with a clear and comprehensive quote. This transparent approach allows you to know the exact cost of our services upfront, eliminating any surprises along the way. We take pride in our commitment to transparency and aim to build a trusting relationship with our clients, ensuring that you have full clarity regarding the pricing of our services.

At CFO+CO, every tax return we handle, regardless of its complexity, undergoes a rigorous review process by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This commitment to quality ensures the highest level of expertise and accuracy in our tax filing services. Our team of CPAs brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table, guaranteeing that your tax returns receive the utmost attention to detail and are prepared to the highest professional standards. With CFO+CO, you can have confidence that your tax filing needs are entrusted to a qualified CPA who ensures the quality and accuracy of your tax returns.

Navigating complex cross-border tax situations requires specialized expertise, and at CFO+CO, our seasoned team of experts is well-versed in handling such challenges. Whether you have foreign investment income, own a foreign income property, or earn cross-border employment income, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that all aspects of your tax situation are appropriately addressed. We stay up-to-date with the latest international tax regulations, enabling us to provide expert guidance and ensure compliance with the relevant tax laws, no matter how intricate your cross-border circumstances may be.

Many entrepreneurs embark on their journey as self-employed individuals, utilizing this avenue as a means to test their business model. We offer tailored advice and support to self-employed individuals, ensuring they leverage all possible deductions and optimize their tax performance. As your business grows and evolves, we provide guidance when exploring different legal structures, such as transitioning to a corporation. Our experienced team will provide the advice and support you need to make informed decisions and maximize the tax advantages available to you as a self-employed individual.

Diversifying wealth through investment in rental properties is a common strategy among many of our clients. At CFO+CO, our experts offer advice on optimizing your financial and tax performance in relation to income properties. We provide guidance on maximizing financial leverage while taking into consideration your risk profile. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives, ensuring that you capitalize on advantages and opportunities within the realm of income properties. Trust our expertise to provide valuable insights and strategies for managing and maximizing returns from your income properties.

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